A Trusting Game

I’ve been realizing more and more recently how present God is in my life. Maybe you aren’t a Christian and by reading that first sentence you’re saying, “HA! Yeah. Nice try on that blog, Milana. Just gonna exit out now and uh go get some Starbucks or something.” I understand that starting a blog with this can seem a little eeeeek but PLEASE hang with me!


Think of a time when your life seemed in the dumps. Ya know. The type when you just want to lay on your couch watching ‘Friends’ all day eating ice cream straight from the container? Yeah. I’ve been there. A lot. Not ashamed. Anyways, sometimes we just have to go there. We have times that seem depressing and we are utterly confused and we don’t have what we want. Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, some money. We might even say, “Hey, Jesus. What the hecka are you putting me through?!” It’s one of those tough spots where sometimes hope seems as big as your pinky and your energy is just drained. Where did it go while you were eating ice cream?! Psh. I don’t know!


I sound like I haven’t been through those types of sorrows, but I have. We all do at some point.  Through anything you may have been through or are currently in, this is what I am slowly beginning to grasp (drum roll please): We must trust His plan. OoOoOoOosSsShH. It sounds so easy yet is oh so hard. I’m actually giving myself a personal pep talk as I write this! There are times when I literally just want to choose my own path and fill up my life with the things that I think will make it complete. Maybe make my life plan look like everyone else’s. But every time I try this, I find myself feeling more empty than before. So why do we constantly fear and doubt God’s plan? Are we afraid of what the outcome will be? Are you sick and tired of this trusting game? Maybe even sick and tired of me asking all these questions about being sick and tired? (yeahh me too).

This pic has nothing to do with the topic, but I will say my smile is 100% fake cause I was afraid of losing my life to a moving vehicle…


But that is what I am realizing though. God is still incredibly present during our times of hardship and sadness. You are not alone through your valleys. And when the right opportunities come along, God graciously plants them in your hands. I’m still learning this. It’s like, as Christians, we have to grow closer to God to know when He is speaking to us and sometimes we forget that.  I think that sometimes we are so worried about what we don’t have that we forget to be thankful for what we do. Use this time in your lows to better yourself and grow with the Lord. Maybe get a donut with the person you usually wouldn’t. Try something new. Love yourself more. But out of all these things, turn to Jesus. He knows your heart. Listen to His words.


It is time for us to stop filling our lives with these little voids and realize that God literally has us in His hands. We aren’t going anywhere! Let’s pray more and be fearless more because it is SO worth it. So here is just a little message from me to you:)


xoxo Milana

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