Life Cycle

Ya know a word I like? Life. That word carries a lot of weight. It literally describes your very being in every way, shape, or form. Deep stuff man. Deep. Stuff. I find life fascinating and my friend Megan and I (shout out to that babe) discuss it often. Ya know, like are we living it up to it’s full potential? Cause we only get one chance! So I decided to make a long list of things we should be doing in this lifetime. Maybe it’ll inspire you as well as inspire me cause this is all coming off of my brain in one sitting so. Enjoy : )

1. talk to people more       

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet. THAT NUMBER IS FREAKING HUGE. Everyday we have opportunities to talk to new people. Maybe you like that dude’s Jack Johnson shirt at the park (real life example here folks). Tell him you like it! It’s not creepy. It’s just two humans being able to connect on something in common. Get to know the people that surround you!

2. don’t judge

Quit the drama. Just do it. Since when did it better anyone? Something amazing about life is that we are all so different. It’s wonderful. Before we judge a person, let’s get to know them personally. If a girl has rumors spread about her then get to know her. Sometimes you’d be surprised about the struggles she may face. Also realize that your life is in no way perfect. The only perfect person to ever walk this lovely Earth was Jesus. If anyone should judge, it’s Him. Yet He doesn’t. Accept people. Love them more.

3. have guts

This one is even hard for me because I am INCREDIBLY awkward…but still. Stop waiting for the right moment to share feelings. Boys-take her on a date. Girls-text that boy first without a care in the world. Get food with the friend you normally wouldn’t. Bust out of your friend group and expand. Learn to say no. Learn to say yes. Learn to be uncomfortable. Stand up for what you believe in. Do that rollercoaster. Try those hot wings, man! Speak your mind (which is actually my next point) and be yourself. Ya feel me?

4.  speak your mind

So many of us are too afraid to say what we feel and sometimes it drives me insane. Share your feelings with others. But of course, do it appropriately. If people push you around, please don’t let them. Be strong. If you need alone time, say no to going to the party. Take a personal day. If you don’t agree with someone, be able to have a respectful conversation. Our differences bring us together. If you like that other person, then tell them. If you are stressed, then don’t bottle up your emotions. If you feel disrespected, then kindly let that person know.  Our lovely words and lovely thoughts were not meant to stay locked up.

5. be kind

Whoever you are that is reading this (thanks btw) YOUR SMILE IS A BEAUT. Use it to help others. Make someone’s day. Be that person. The world is full of sadness and pain. People go through so much. Listen to others. Learn about them. Give advice. Receive advice. Remember: I am third.

 6. be love

I LOVE LOVE. Romance movies? All over that. But that’s besides the point. Be love! Love your sister! Love your brother! Love your best friend! Love your boy/girlfriend! Love Jesus!!! Love your parents and love school and love life and love kids and love donuts. ALL I GOTTA SAY THERE IS LOVE!

7.  love and be yourself

idk about you but I am so harsh on myself. Why though? God made me me. My body. My heart. My personality. Sometimes it’s easy for me to be harsh on myself for being so awkward or for not feeling as pretty as that other girl. But why judge something that God said is good? So be confident! Work that new pair of jeans. Scream your heart out to High School Musical or Drake or Taylor Swift without a care in the world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (hit up Psalm 139:14). 

8. share Jesus

Yes. Definitely go on mission trips. They are so life changing! But remember that you are on mission wherever you are right now. Esther 4:14 says that “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” That is some good stuff right there, folks. Share Jesus with the kid across the street. The barista at your favorite coffee shop (ily coffee MUAH). Just shine Jesus through you. If you aren’t a Christian and am incredibly offended by this point, please note that I am in no way trying to offend you. You can skip over it if you would like! It’s your choice of course. But if you are a Christian, please don’t be ashamed of your faith! Wear it like your favorite jacket! 


Oosh. If you just read all of that, I am honestly so proud. That was like…a lot. Take this and do what you want with it. Enjoy your life, okay? Cause this is it. You are living it. Live life to the fullest and smile big. I wanna see some good cheesin:)


4 thoughts on “Life Cycle

  1. I totally love this post!! So insightful, and it’s awesome to just rethink something so simple as the word “life.”


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