Stress War

I think that one thing so many people are able to relate to is stress. It’s just there. Like, we have a good day and we are on fire, and then we are hit with that big trial that just smacks ya in the face and oops. Yep. There goes all those sunshine vibes amiright?! Anxiety and worry are these small things that come to torment us, and if we are lucky (that’s a joke. you are NOT lucky) we get loads and loads of this anxiety gunk.

I struggle with anxiety pretty bad, just like so many others do. Oh! And I struggle with it in multiple ways. It’s definitely how the enemy tries to get a one up on my faith vibes. (Uhhh back off, Satan). Sometimes it’s relationship anxiety (friendship, romantic, or family related), where a person begins to think everything is going wrong and that it’s all their fault. But then there are other times it’s just loads and loads of things to check off my to do list until I feel like a tiny blob of negativity. Bottom line–I have had both of these scenarios on multiple occasions. UGGGHH. It’s just hard right? Because you don’t want to worry about things. You don’t want to stress or make up “What if’s” (check out my post on trust). You don’t want to go crying a river and not know what to even do about it except listen to LANY and eat donuts until you feel better (maybe that part’s false?). If you struggle with anxiety, and most of you do, I’m incredibly sorry that you feel like this at times. Sucks, right? Air hug through the screen, okay? But recently, I have been hearing several sermons about anxiety and worry. Wow. How ironic. God is a funny funny dad. Aaaannnyyways. It has completely shifted my viewpoint on handling stress. Let me share.

I always thought that when something was worrying me or stressing me out to the point of an attack, I could pray to God and He would just be there and suffer through it with me as I worked it out. Almost like a mute God, I suppose. But the way one of the pastors I heard word it was that when we pray to God about our struggles and worries, we are literally giving them up and letting God worry about it instead. What?! Read that again. God worries about it for us!!! “Hey, God. I am really worried about _____, so um. I’m gonna let you worry about that and uh I’m gonna go drink my coffee and be a light for you.” Wow. No more mute God now, huh? Maybe that doesn’t hit you. It’s cool if it doesn’t. But the mere thought that I serve a God that takes my worries and carries them FOR me comforts me and hits my heart hard. OOSH.

So maybe you are stressed about your love life (or maybe right now you just laughed at that sentence), maybe you are stressed about the future, or a test, or a person. Maybe you have a huge trial and are on the verge of a mental breakdown. Please know that God hears you. And he has EVERY plan for you life. If you are constantly having panic attacks, just breathe! Live in the moment right now. Eat a taco. Hug a squirrel. DO SOMETHING TO FEEL BETTER. God is wrapping you up in some comfort. Maybe He is even giving you a little massage (ohhhh yes, bud). But remember this–P.R.A.Y. He is there!!!

Sorry this is long. Sheesh. Me saying these things won’t make stress disappear. Poof. There will still be days that the enemy will try to twist my thoughts and make me worry. And sometimes I will pray and still feel a tad shaky. But God has me and God has YOU BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME BABE. We do not serve a mute God. I wrote this all at once because it’s been so prevalent in my life and reaaalllyy felt like I needed to share. If you ever need Bible verses or just a hug through the screen, feel free to contact me on my Contact Page! Oh, and thanks for reading all of this you amazing person you! : )

Milana Hainline

5 thoughts on “Stress War

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I really struggle with anxiety, too. Sometimes it just comes out of nowhere, and it seems like nothing will make it better. Other days – nothing at all. It’s a weird beast and it’s hard to really hold in your hand and fix. All you can do is take a deep breath and give it up to God!


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