A Message From My Heart

    Okay ladies and gents. I hate to inform you, but most likely your idea of love is completely twisted. Uhhh wait a second. Hold up. Did I just say the ‘L’ word? I recently have heard so many things from people about feeling lonely, or not being loved, or wanting a relationship but not being able to get one and my oh my is it sad to see. I mean, I feel ya. I really do. Sometimes I feel like that too even. It’s so easy to crave a relationship or want another person that you can love with all your heart and feel loved in return. I mean, we all fall into that trap of wanting that at some point in time and that’s okay–to an extent. So upon hearing these things recently, I decided to write about the thing that holds our entire universe together. LOVE.

Before I left for France this last summer (yes I went there ahhhh!) my friend had told me, “Milana. Remember why you are there. Be love.” And it’s crazy because in my head it became this really deep saying that I think has honestly impacted my decisions since then in more ways than one. My whole goal for this year is to actually ‘be love’ and hopefully by the end of this you will join this little goal of mine (we can do it together!!).  So here are several ways we may apply love.

1) Relationship Love

We are so good at craving relationships. I mean, we look at our friends who have cute romances and we get caught up in wanting their exact romances (been there pal. It’s okay to admit it). Some will even go as far as deciding to look for it by themselves. Psh. Ha. Yeah that will fail. So let’s get this clear: It is okay to crave the feeling of loving someone and being loved in return! We’re human! And God made us human to experience those types of relationships sometime down the road. But if you are single, let me tell you this. God has a plan for your life that is made specifically for you. No one else. He will place the perfect person in your life where He wants and then you will be all in loOoOve and hopefully get married and aw so cute. SO. For the mean time, enjoy being single! Go to that coffee shop by yourself. Work hard in everything you do! Love life! And if you are in a relationship, see every wonderful thing in that person and support them. Go towards the Lord together! : )

2) Loving Without the Label

Idk about you, but I am pretty good at putting labels on people in my head. Sometimes I think we don’t even realize that we do it. “Don’t talk to that girl, she is weird.” “Man, he looks freaky. Don’t wanna associate with him.” But this is what I have learned recently: those people that you don’t want to be seen around? Yeah lots of them actually have so much in common with you. I just think it’s so interesting because we are all so different. We each have our own interests and faults and that is so so beautiful. Get to know the person who sits by themselves. They have a story to share. Love on someone you may never thought needed love. See, that’s the thing. Everyone struggles with something, whether it’s depression, self esteem, loneliness, a loss, etc. Sometimes it’s even hidden in the people that you wouldn’t expect. But be that person who smiles. Who shows them love. Just do it. I mean, do you know how amazing it would be for that person to connect with Y-O-U? Don’t be like the millions of others who just pass by every person they see.

3) Loving Yourself

Love yourself!!! Okay, like, don’t become self obsessed, ‘cause that’s just creepy, but genuinely appreciate yourself. God made you how He wanted to make you. Your body. Your face. Your skin. Your hair. He made it all and it is good. So enjoy the company of yourself. Try new things. Go find new ways to get active. Eat your favorite donut. Read your favorite book. Wear that outfit! Work it! Love your life and the daily opportunities you have and appreciate how awesome you are! You are changing the world brotha.


Jesus loved me so much that He literally died the worst death possible so I can be free. And He did that for you too pal soooooo. Even if you don’t believe that, He still died for you. If you do believe that, He died for you too! Wow. And on top of all of that, I still sometimes doubt Him, I still complain to Him, I still turn to other things to find refuge sometimes. Yet He doesn’t respond in anger, but instead responds in love. Ummmmm ultimate romance amirite?!

Okayyyy so there it is. Just four examples of love. Each different. Each just as sweet. So this year, I am taking these examples of love and applying them to my everyday life. I will ‘Be Love’. I’mma be that girl! I encourage you to have the same goal if ya’d like, and I would love to see all of the ways that you personally are representing love because no it is not lame and is instead just an amazing amazing thing k? But anyways, yay! You read another full blog post (Muah) and as I was typing this, my dad brought me a hot coffee he made “just because he felt like it”. Talk about some love huh?! (hi dad thanks for reading. also, the coffee was superb). I would love to hear any feedback that you have on this post, so feel free to contact me through this blog or through my social media!

Xoxo Milana : )

3 thoughts on “A Message From My Heart

  1. There is not enough room in a heart for anything but love. “The burden of hatred is too much to bare.” John Lewis In moments of quiet contemplation I hope it is revealed that love is the only answer & know that it is the most powerful force in the universe. It will weave humanity together forever and cure the incurable as well as feed the lonely and famished. May each of our lights be a beacon to those who cannot. “May I not outlive my own capacity to love. May I die the moment my love dies and so never die.” Mary Zimmerman


  2. I am circling back because I am drawn to this vulnerable projection of deep love that you are allowing. Thank you for sharing your light. Thank you for your tender boldness. Thank you for trusting & risking to love beyond your years & time. Inspired by you again & thankful!


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