Can I Take Your Pain with That?

Recently I have realized more and more that pain is enveloping some parts of our world. Okay that sentence sounds really stupid cause, duh, it has for a while now, but still. Please keep reading and please don’t hate me. My point is: have you really focused on how extravagant that pain range is? It ranges from global destruction to the smallest hurtful word. The saddest part of this reality is that pain has engulfed some of us so much that we have become stuck–unable to move. My heart breaks just thinking about this because so many of my wonderful friends have gone through some incredibly hard things recently, and my heart aches for them. It breaks for them. My heart aches for the one reading this, because if you are going through something that is bringing you pain, it hurts. A lot.

I personally believe that Satan is incredibly skilled when it comes to bringing pain into our lives because it throws us into a loop. Let me make this clear: the devil is good at his job. We start by running a race. We push on and run harder. We FINALLY gain the lead and then all of a sudden, we stop. We are out of breath. We can’t push on. We can’t think clearly. You see my point? When pain engulfs us–whether it’s a tiny moment or a life changing event–everything stops and begins to ache.

So I am so sorry.

I’m sorry that you carry a burden and that you are screaming for it to be taken from you.

I’m sorry that sometimes tears run and don’t stop. Please trust me when I say that it is okay to cry. Eat some ice cream and just let it alllll out.

I’m sorry that someone made you feel worthless or even made you forget how loved you are. I’m so sorry that you were lied to or manipulated or wronged.

I’m sorry.

But there is hope.

1) The Lord sees your pain. In fact, he felt the pain even before you did. I promise that if you will give it all to Jesus, he not only will smother you with more love, but he will take as much pain away as he can. I don’t know about you, but I serve a preeeetttyy cool God. (Hi God. Love you).

2) Another thing I find is that sometimes, when we endure the most painful of times, God has something wonderful waiting for us at the end. Keep. Fighting. I feel as if sometimes we are given difficult trials because God wants us to depend on him. Does that make sense? Like, God has such a wonderful plan for us that we must trust Him. So do it! Trust him!

 3) In the meantime, counteract that pain with some goOoOd remedies. Movies with friends are a good thing. Donuts with friends is a good thing. COFFEE is a GREAT thing. Read some poetry. Listen to some upbeat music. Build a birdhouse or something. Ya feel? And if you feel worthless, or lonely, or unable to turn to anything I just listed, please know that you are incredibly loved and abounding in worth. A person cannot destroy that, because God holds it, and AIN’T NOBODY gonna take away your worth from God!

Pain is a broad thing and I think we all respond to it in different ways. Because of this, I encourage you to love on others no matter what may be happening in your own life. Find comfort in love. Grab that hurting person and go eat Chipotle (or donuts duh)! Write a letter! Smile! PRAY!!! Go watch a funny movie! Listen to others! PRAY! Just wanted to say it again in case ya didn’t read me the first time. Teehee.

Bottom line is: pain is nasty and heavy and my heart is truly aching for you. If you are struggling, I am praying for you. We are made to love, no matter how deep it may be hidden inside us (check out 1 Corinthians 13:7). It is time that we recognize our pain and recognize others struggles and find love stronger than these.

Since I keep talking about how much I love love… I love ya. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Milana Hainline

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