Hello Sunshine

WOW. It’s been awhile since I typed my thoughts out for the world to read. Hi. Wow. It feels good to be back. 🙂 So over the last three months, I didn’t write anything. I would love to say that I was out doing crazy adventurous things and didn’t have time to write (maybe travelling the States to find the best donut ever or something cool like that) but actually I was learning a lot about myself–finding myself if you will. I fully believe that people are always finding parts of themselves. We discover strength, love, and pain in so many ways throughout our lives that there is never a time that we are not growing. It’s a beautiful thing! But anyways, since I went internet M.I.A. I decided to write about one thing that I have learned/experienced for each month. 🙂 So here are the three most wonderful life lessons you will ever read (that may have been an exaggeration…).

1)Pouring love into others is crucial for true happiness

So during my Spring Break in March, I went on my third mission trip. This time, to Mexico. MEXICO! Ugh. So beautiful. Throughout the week, I worked with local children on their English (which allowed the Lord to reveal to me that I want to do ESL as a career) as well as drywall at the camp I was staying at (Milana doing drywall is honestly one of the funniest things to see…eek). Sometimes on mission trips, it can become so easy to get distracted with the beauty of another country that we can lose sight of our real mission. Mexico was different. Instead, I was put in a community that had nothing, but was the first to give everything. From their warm smiles and generous hearts, I had never experienced so much love. Being on mission for the Lord oversees is my passion and I had honestly never been so happy as I was that week. But it doesn’t stop in a foreign country or a mission trip! You see, the whole point of writing about it is to say that we must bring love and give love. It should seep out of our souls and on to every blank canvas heart that we can find. We were made to love others. And I talk about love a lot because it is such a beautiful thing. We have opportunities every day to love and help others. Let’s share that more. 🙂

2) Finding your people and learning from them allows personal growth

Throughout the last few months, I stopped wearing myself thin by trying to be available for everyone. I am a natural born people pleaser (hi-five if you relate) and for years it’s been hard for me to really find the people that constantly support me and love on me. I actually began to realize negativity that was surrounding me and because of it, I found who and what I needed/didn’t need in my life. This sounds harsh, but we all go through phases of not knowing where we really are able to open up.We crave that connection to find ‘our people.’So I began to hang out with the same few individuals that pour wisdom and laughter into me and….I grew! Those people were able to help refocus my thoughts on things that truly did matter and find those qualities and things within myself. God gives us humans to interact with and it’s a gift–but He also gave us the ability to learn from humans. I found that the more I was around certain people, they began to shape me. I found a constant input of love, knowledge, advice, and laughter and was able to give a constant outpour of the same thing back! It’s important to find those individuals that can always point you back in the right direction and support you through all that you do. Moral of the story: Find your people!

3) Prayer is Important

Over these last three months, I prayed for things that I never thought I would pray for. I won’t go into super big detail about them, but bottom line, I knew that only God could help. I prayed for people, for events, for happiness and for the hurting. I prayed for these things daily (still do of course) and what I have found is Jesus answers these prayers in amazing ways. Unexpected ways. What I have learned is, some things don’t take a single prayer. They take multiple prayers for days, weeks, months. You see, when we allow God to enter into our prayer life, and we begin to pray more, God moves. He MOVES. Oh! And the wonderful thing about it all is that we can be so personable. Because God knows what we are struggling with, what we are wanting, what we need, and what we have. It just takes us to actually find that boldness to step out and pray often. You may think that you suck at praying or can’t find the words, but I promise that any prayer that you mean in your soul is seen as a beautiful work of art by God. Pray boldly and see God move.

Wow. Three things. Correction: three BIG things that God has taught me throughout these past few months. Allow yourself to grow in love and happiness. Go eat pizza with someone. Drink five cups of coffee with a group of friends. Ask questions! Pray! Learn! Lead! Find joy within this beautiful life that we have been blessed with.

Milana Hainline

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