To the One Who Wants to be in Charge

Just sittin’ here on a Friday afternoon and I felt so compelled to write this post because I personally have been struggling with this one thing–letting go of my plans for my own life. It honestly sounds a little strange to say, because after all…it is my life. But that is the very thinking that is causing this struggle! Who am I kidding, it IS the struggle!

I’ve always liked to have a plan for my life. I’m the type of girl who makes a ‘To-Do’ list every morning and wants to know everything in advance. Do you want to get coffee? Let’s check my calendar and see if I’m free. Yes, that Chem test is today ‘cause I wrote it in my planner. You see? I like to know where I’m going. However, when I don’t know what’s happening I begin to stress and stress and stress. Recently, I have felt like the Lord keeps shutting down all my plans. It doesn’t matter what it is, but the answer has mainly been “mmmmmm no”. I got angry. I got confused because I was praying about this and that and my plans were simply not going in the direction I wanted any of them to go. I didn’t have a grip on my own life!

Anyways, I went to my mom (Hi. I love you) because I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. My relationship with Jesus was doing really well yet I felt like I was being punished. And that is when she pointed out something to me that is SO simple it just clicked. Ya ready?

It’s God’s Time. Not Yours.

Boom. So simple yet so easy to forget. Everything happens in God’s timing. Because the Lord has intricately woven every detail of your life. He knows where and when to place people. When to place opportunities. When to place challenges. We serve a God who wants us to be comfortable with where we are at all times–through every trial or event that may throw us off of our daily schedule. Because it’s God’s time. Not ours.

So how do we give it all to God?

If we let God take care of us instead of plan our own lives, every destined plan will happen. God’s plan is beautiful and wonderful. It may be confusing and difficult at times, and obviously I am learning that, but God has a funny way of making everything fit into place (and sometimes in the weirdest ways). If anything, we should be shouting out “God, work your plan in my life and help me through it all.” Because if we fall in love with the Lord a little more and focus on Him, then blessings upon blessings sprout. Trust in Him!

You are more than a time clock. Let God move.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


2017: The year of learning things and adventuring. The year of regretful moments and “can I do that again?” moments. Bottom line is: I like the beginning of the New Year. Always have. I like the idea of staying up late and listening to music with friends and fam and then stuffing my face with food (God bless). Sadly, I think we lose identity in the small things of the New Year, including me, and we forget that every single day we are alive is literally a blessing from God himself. Each day is another day to shout praises to our God. Each day is another day to reflect Jesus. Each day is another day to take our trials and our errors and see how God will use us next. So yes, we can celebrate the New Year but we should celebrate everyday given!

Although I love to make new goals for myself and fantasize about the adventures I have yet to encounter (uhh cause who doesn’t?), I do like to step back and view my year. I take heart in recognizing my huge mistakes and actually find encouragement from them. That being said, by reflecting on my year as a whole, I am able to truly determine how to better myself in 2018. I decided to create a list of goals. Not just like, “Yes! Let’s run that marathon!” Cause I probably won’t…but like actual, deep, tangible goals that I believe anyone can accomplish. I would LOVE for you to maybe share the same goals as me. So let’s think deep and perhaps accomplish these goals together. Sound good? Okay, here goes nothin’.

Goal 1: Pray through my trials and dreams

I felt that I went through several trials this year, and although I learned LOTS from them, I didn’t handle them in the best way. I let emotions get out of hand. I said things I regret and sometimes let people walk over me. NOT cool. Actually, I had two friends that gave me (or are still letting me borrow ‘cause I’m slow…) books about praying through all things, and it is completely changing the way I think. Having a trial? Pray. Have a goal or a dream? Pray. Bottom line is, I need to be praying more and letting this guide my everyday life. I wanna pray in the car and pray with friends, and of course pray in my fav coffee shop cause that sounds amazing. I wanna pray for big things like my future spouse or even small things like my next test. If I am feeling heartbreak I wanna pray even harder. If I have an impossible dream, I want to pray for that sucker like it’s the last thing I will ever do. So yes, let’s pray with our friends and for our friends because if anything, that is moving. (Also, side note: Please read The Circle Maker and Draw the Circle. So good. So. Good.)

Goal 2: Be okay with being okay

So before I begin, I definitely did not make that goal up. Pretty sure I got it from some book but it sounds amazing and is exactly what I want to convey so. Let’s proceed. I think that I tend to bottle up my emotions in person because I always want to be happy. Like, I want other people to always remain happy, so sometimes I take their pain and sorta carry it for them. Healthy? No? Idk. But anyway, I have found that human emotion is something wonderful and I want to be okay with whatever I may be going through. Some days are just gonna be sad days and others are gonna be happy. Sometimes I may be feeling love and others I may be feeling stress. And it’s OKAY. I want to be okay with all of these emotions and find new ways to cope with each one. Emotions happen. Life happens. It’s part of being human.  Does that make sense? Do you get my drift? Cool. Thanks.

Goal 3: Say no sometimes!!

Uhhhh, I’m a people pleaser and the word ‘no’ does not exist in my dictionary, but it definitely needs to. ‘Milana, do you want to listen to this new song?’ Yes. ‘Wanna eat Chipotle and get coffee? Uhhhh always! ‘Milana do you want to pet my tarantula?” YES BUT I REALLY MEAN NO.  I just say yes too many times until I’m worn thin. I’m ready to be personable, but also be sensible and realize when I need time to myself…or when I really just don’t want to do something. Kinda self-explanatory but ya know.

Goal 4: Be love

So this was one of my goals last year and still is, cause it’s just so good and should never be ignored. So many people need love. SO MANY. We live in a world that we can explore and get to know individuals within communities by just being love. So love those that cannot be love. Represent Jesus in the best way! Love life! Love your taco! Love that friend that brought you that taco! Jesus died pouring out his love and rose again pouring out his love. If that doesn’t give you a reason to love, then ohhh let’s go back to Goal 1 and start over. There is so much hurt and pain in this world and some people just need to be loved. Love the unlovable. Move the unmovable. But do it with Jesus. That man is my right-hand man–my captain. You know that scene from The Polar Express where the conductor tells the little girl, “Follow you anywhere ma’am.” Yes? Yeah, that’s what Jesus is to me. I like following my Jesus and quoting the Polar Express so really you can’t go wrong. Ooookay moving on.

Goal 5: Appreciate the Small Things

Fellas fellas. Ladies ladies. Go look at the stars! I don’t care how cold it is (or how hot….you lucky sunshine folks) because they are beautiful! God made those! Go play with a child! I watch two beautiful gals over the summer and they are the smartest, most adventurous girls I know, and honestly, they teach me more than most of my friends do about life. So listen to children and learn from them. Hug your grandpa. Pet that dog. Buy that coffee. Buy those flowers. Take her on a date. Take him on a date. Worship louder. Eat Chipotle. Run (HA or not…you can decide on that one). MY POINT IS: Small things shape us and we are so blessed with what we have. No matter how rich or how poor you may be, appreciate every gift that comes your way. Guaranteed some are already upon you.

Goal 6 (cause it’s my fav # and my last point): Live

It’s the most simple message I could possibly give. I slack when it comes to living sometimes. I mean like yes…I’m physically alive..duh…but sometimes I grow timid. I don’t step out. I don’t look at the things around me and adventure. Sometimes to live we must take risks and sometimes we may fall, BUT sometimes we take risks and ACE them and life is completely changed because of it. Very simple message. Live. Love. Gotcha. Good.

Okay. Here are SIX of my biggest goals that I have for myself. I’m locking them in my memory and am gonna reflect on these babies for quite some time. 2017, you were quite good to me. I’m excited for this next season. : )

Can I Take Your Pain with That?

Recently I have realized more and more that pain is enveloping some parts of our world. Okay that sentence sounds really stupid cause, duh, it has for a while now, but still. Please keep reading and please don’t hate me. My point is: have you really focused on how extravagant that pain range is? It ranges from global destruction to the smallest hurtful word. The saddest part of this reality is that pain has engulfed some of us so much that we have become stuck–unable to move. My heart breaks just thinking about this because so many of my wonderful friends have gone through some incredibly hard things recently, and my heart aches for them. It breaks for them. My heart aches for the one reading this, because if you are going through something that is bringing you pain, it hurts. A lot.

I personally believe that Satan is incredibly skilled when it comes to bringing pain into our lives because it throws us into a loop. Let me make this clear: the devil is good at his job. We start by running a race. We push on and run harder. We FINALLY gain the lead and then all of a sudden, we stop. We are out of breath. We can’t push on. We can’t think clearly. You see my point? When pain engulfs us–whether it’s a tiny moment or a life changing event–everything stops and begins to ache.

So I am so sorry.

I’m sorry that you carry a burden and that you are screaming for it to be taken from you.

I’m sorry that sometimes tears run and don’t stop. Please trust me when I say that it is okay to cry. Eat some ice cream and just let it alllll out.

I’m sorry that someone made you feel worthless or even made you forget how loved you are. I’m so sorry that you were lied to or manipulated or wronged.

I’m sorry.

But there is hope.

1) The Lord sees your pain. In fact, he felt the pain even before you did. I promise that if you will give it all to Jesus, he not only will smother you with more love, but he will take as much pain away as he can. I don’t know about you, but I serve a preeeetttyy cool God. (Hi God. Love you).

2) Another thing I find is that sometimes, when we endure the most painful of times, God has something wonderful waiting for us at the end. Keep. Fighting. I feel as if sometimes we are given difficult trials because God wants us to depend on him. Does that make sense? Like, God has such a wonderful plan for us that we must trust Him. So do it! Trust him!

 3) In the meantime, counteract that pain with some goOoOd remedies. Movies with friends are a good thing. Donuts with friends is a good thing. COFFEE is a GREAT thing. Read some poetry. Listen to some upbeat music. Build a birdhouse or something. Ya feel? And if you feel worthless, or lonely, or unable to turn to anything I just listed, please know that you are incredibly loved and abounding in worth. A person cannot destroy that, because God holds it, and AIN’T NOBODY gonna take away your worth from God!

Pain is a broad thing and I think we all respond to it in different ways. Because of this, I encourage you to love on others no matter what may be happening in your own life. Find comfort in love. Grab that hurting person and go eat Chipotle (or donuts duh)! Write a letter! Smile! PRAY!!! Go watch a funny movie! Listen to others! PRAY! Just wanted to say it again in case ya didn’t read me the first time. Teehee.

Bottom line is: pain is nasty and heavy and my heart is truly aching for you. If you are struggling, I am praying for you. We are made to love, no matter how deep it may be hidden inside us (check out 1 Corinthians 13:7). It is time that we recognize our pain and recognize others struggles and find love stronger than these.

Since I keep talking about how much I love love… I love ya. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Milana Hainline

A Message From My Heart

    Okay ladies and gents. I hate to inform you, but most likely your idea of love is completely twisted. Uhhh wait a second. Hold up. Did I just say the ‘L’ word? I recently have heard so many things from people about feeling lonely, or not being loved, or wanting a relationship but not being able to get one and my oh my is it sad to see. I mean, I feel ya. I really do. Sometimes I feel like that too even. It’s so easy to crave a relationship or want another person that you can love with all your heart and feel loved in return. I mean, we all fall into that trap of wanting that at some point in time and that’s okay–to an extent. So upon hearing these things recently, I decided to write about the thing that holds our entire universe together. LOVE.

Before I left for France this last summer (yes I went there ahhhh!) my friend had told me, “Milana. Remember why you are there. Be love.” And it’s crazy because in my head it became this really deep saying that I think has honestly impacted my decisions since then in more ways than one. My whole goal for this year is to actually ‘be love’ and hopefully by the end of this you will join this little goal of mine (we can do it together!!).  So here are several ways we may apply love.

1) Relationship Love

We are so good at craving relationships. I mean, we look at our friends who have cute romances and we get caught up in wanting their exact romances (been there pal. It’s okay to admit it). Some will even go as far as deciding to look for it by themselves. Psh. Ha. Yeah that will fail. So let’s get this clear: It is okay to crave the feeling of loving someone and being loved in return! We’re human! And God made us human to experience those types of relationships sometime down the road. But if you are single, let me tell you this. God has a plan for your life that is made specifically for you. No one else. He will place the perfect person in your life where He wants and then you will be all in loOoOve and hopefully get married and aw so cute. SO. For the mean time, enjoy being single! Go to that coffee shop by yourself. Work hard in everything you do! Love life! And if you are in a relationship, see every wonderful thing in that person and support them. Go towards the Lord together! : )

2) Loving Without the Label

Idk about you, but I am pretty good at putting labels on people in my head. Sometimes I think we don’t even realize that we do it. “Don’t talk to that girl, she is weird.” “Man, he looks freaky. Don’t wanna associate with him.” But this is what I have learned recently: those people that you don’t want to be seen around? Yeah lots of them actually have so much in common with you. I just think it’s so interesting because we are all so different. We each have our own interests and faults and that is so so beautiful. Get to know the person who sits by themselves. They have a story to share. Love on someone you may never thought needed love. See, that’s the thing. Everyone struggles with something, whether it’s depression, self esteem, loneliness, a loss, etc. Sometimes it’s even hidden in the people that you wouldn’t expect. But be that person who smiles. Who shows them love. Just do it. I mean, do you know how amazing it would be for that person to connect with Y-O-U? Don’t be like the millions of others who just pass by every person they see.

3) Loving Yourself

Love yourself!!! Okay, like, don’t become self obsessed, ‘cause that’s just creepy, but genuinely appreciate yourself. God made you how He wanted to make you. Your body. Your face. Your skin. Your hair. He made it all and it is good. So enjoy the company of yourself. Try new things. Go find new ways to get active. Eat your favorite donut. Read your favorite book. Wear that outfit! Work it! Love your life and the daily opportunities you have and appreciate how awesome you are! You are changing the world brotha.


Jesus loved me so much that He literally died the worst death possible so I can be free. And He did that for you too pal soooooo. Even if you don’t believe that, He still died for you. If you do believe that, He died for you too! Wow. And on top of all of that, I still sometimes doubt Him, I still complain to Him, I still turn to other things to find refuge sometimes. Yet He doesn’t respond in anger, but instead responds in love. Ummmmm ultimate romance amirite?!

Okayyyy so there it is. Just four examples of love. Each different. Each just as sweet. So this year, I am taking these examples of love and applying them to my everyday life. I will ‘Be Love’. I’mma be that girl! I encourage you to have the same goal if ya’d like, and I would love to see all of the ways that you personally are representing love because no it is not lame and is instead just an amazing amazing thing k? But anyways, yay! You read another full blog post (Muah) and as I was typing this, my dad brought me a hot coffee he made “just because he felt like it”. Talk about some love huh?! (hi dad thanks for reading. also, the coffee was superb). I would love to hear any feedback that you have on this post, so feel free to contact me through this blog or through my social media!

Xoxo Milana : )

Stress War

I think that one thing so many people are able to relate to is stress. It’s just there. Like, we have a good day and we are on fire, and then we are hit with that big trial that just smacks ya in the face and oops. Yep. There goes all those sunshine vibes amiright?! Anxiety and worry are these small things that come to torment us, and if we are lucky (that’s a joke. you are NOT lucky) we get loads and loads of this anxiety gunk.

I struggle with anxiety pretty bad, just like so many others do. Oh! And I struggle with it in multiple ways. It’s definitely how the enemy tries to get a one up on my faith vibes. (Uhhh back off, Satan). Sometimes it’s relationship anxiety (friendship, romantic, or family related), where a person begins to think everything is going wrong and that it’s all their fault. But then there are other times it’s just loads and loads of things to check off my to do list until I feel like a tiny blob of negativity. Bottom line–I have had both of these scenarios on multiple occasions. UGGGHH. It’s just hard right? Because you don’t want to worry about things. You don’t want to stress or make up “What if’s” (check out my post on trust). You don’t want to go crying a river and not know what to even do about it except listen to LANY and eat donuts until you feel better (maybe that part’s false?). If you struggle with anxiety, and most of you do, I’m incredibly sorry that you feel like this at times. Sucks, right? Air hug through the screen, okay? But recently, I have been hearing several sermons about anxiety and worry. Wow. How ironic. God is a funny funny dad. Aaaannnyyways. It has completely shifted my viewpoint on handling stress. Let me share.

I always thought that when something was worrying me or stressing me out to the point of an attack, I could pray to God and He would just be there and suffer through it with me as I worked it out. Almost like a mute God, I suppose. But the way one of the pastors I heard word it was that when we pray to God about our struggles and worries, we are literally giving them up and letting God worry about it instead. What?! Read that again. God worries about it for us!!! “Hey, God. I am really worried about _____, so um. I’m gonna let you worry about that and uh I’m gonna go drink my coffee and be a light for you.” Wow. No more mute God now, huh? Maybe that doesn’t hit you. It’s cool if it doesn’t. But the mere thought that I serve a God that takes my worries and carries them FOR me comforts me and hits my heart hard. OOSH.

So maybe you are stressed about your love life (or maybe right now you just laughed at that sentence), maybe you are stressed about the future, or a test, or a person. Maybe you have a huge trial and are on the verge of a mental breakdown. Please know that God hears you. And he has EVERY plan for you life. If you are constantly having panic attacks, just breathe! Live in the moment right now. Eat a taco. Hug a squirrel. DO SOMETHING TO FEEL BETTER. God is wrapping you up in some comfort. Maybe He is even giving you a little massage (ohhhh yes, bud). But remember this–P.R.A.Y. He is there!!!

Sorry this is long. Sheesh. Me saying these things won’t make stress disappear. Poof. There will still be days that the enemy will try to twist my thoughts and make me worry. And sometimes I will pray and still feel a tad shaky. But God has me and God has YOU BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME BABE. We do not serve a mute God. I wrote this all at once because it’s been so prevalent in my life and reaaalllyy felt like I needed to share. If you ever need Bible verses or just a hug through the screen, feel free to contact me on my Contact Page! Oh, and thanks for reading all of this you amazing person you! : )

Milana Hainline

Life Cycle

Ya know a word I like? Life. That word carries a lot of weight. It literally describes your very being in every way, shape, or form. Deep stuff man. Deep. Stuff. I find life fascinating and my friend Megan and I (shout out to that babe) discuss it often. Ya know, like are we living it up to it’s full potential? Cause we only get one chance! So I decided to make a long list of things we should be doing in this lifetime. Maybe it’ll inspire you as well as inspire me cause this is all coming off of my brain in one sitting so. Enjoy : )

1. talk to people more       

There are 7.5 billion people on this planet. THAT NUMBER IS FREAKING HUGE. Everyday we have opportunities to talk to new people. Maybe you like that dude’s Jack Johnson shirt at the park (real life example here folks). Tell him you like it! It’s not creepy. It’s just two humans being able to connect on something in common. Get to know the people that surround you!

2. don’t judge

Quit the drama. Just do it. Since when did it better anyone? Something amazing about life is that we are all so different. It’s wonderful. Before we judge a person, let’s get to know them personally. If a girl has rumors spread about her then get to know her. Sometimes you’d be surprised about the struggles she may face. Also realize that your life is in no way perfect. The only perfect person to ever walk this lovely Earth was Jesus. If anyone should judge, it’s Him. Yet He doesn’t. Accept people. Love them more.

3. have guts

This one is even hard for me because I am INCREDIBLY awkward…but still. Stop waiting for the right moment to share feelings. Boys-take her on a date. Girls-text that boy first without a care in the world. Get food with the friend you normally wouldn’t. Bust out of your friend group and expand. Learn to say no. Learn to say yes. Learn to be uncomfortable. Stand up for what you believe in. Do that rollercoaster. Try those hot wings, man! Speak your mind (which is actually my next point) and be yourself. Ya feel me?

4.  speak your mind

So many of us are too afraid to say what we feel and sometimes it drives me insane. Share your feelings with others. But of course, do it appropriately. If people push you around, please don’t let them. Be strong. If you need alone time, say no to going to the party. Take a personal day. If you don’t agree with someone, be able to have a respectful conversation. Our differences bring us together. If you like that other person, then tell them. If you are stressed, then don’t bottle up your emotions. If you feel disrespected, then kindly let that person know.  Our lovely words and lovely thoughts were not meant to stay locked up.

5. be kind

Whoever you are that is reading this (thanks btw) YOUR SMILE IS A BEAUT. Use it to help others. Make someone’s day. Be that person. The world is full of sadness and pain. People go through so much. Listen to others. Learn about them. Give advice. Receive advice. Remember: I am third.

 6. be love

I LOVE LOVE. Romance movies? All over that. But that’s besides the point. Be love! Love your sister! Love your brother! Love your best friend! Love your boy/girlfriend! Love Jesus!!! Love your parents and love school and love life and love kids and love donuts. ALL I GOTTA SAY THERE IS LOVE!

7.  love and be yourself

idk about you but I am so harsh on myself. Why though? God made me me. My body. My heart. My personality. Sometimes it’s easy for me to be harsh on myself for being so awkward or for not feeling as pretty as that other girl. But why judge something that God said is good? So be confident! Work that new pair of jeans. Scream your heart out to High School Musical or Drake or Taylor Swift without a care in the world. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (hit up Psalm 139:14). 

8. share Jesus

Yes. Definitely go on mission trips. They are so life changing! But remember that you are on mission wherever you are right now. Esther 4:14 says that “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” That is some good stuff right there, folks. Share Jesus with the kid across the street. The barista at your favorite coffee shop (ily coffee MUAH). Just shine Jesus through you. If you aren’t a Christian and am incredibly offended by this point, please note that I am in no way trying to offend you. You can skip over it if you would like! It’s your choice of course. But if you are a Christian, please don’t be ashamed of your faith! Wear it like your favorite jacket! 


Oosh. If you just read all of that, I am honestly so proud. That was like…a lot. Take this and do what you want with it. Enjoy your life, okay? Cause this is it. You are living it. Live life to the fullest and smile big. I wanna see some good cheesin:)


A Trusting Game

I’ve been realizing more and more recently how present God is in my life. Maybe you aren’t a Christian and by reading that first sentence you’re saying, “HA! Yeah. Nice try on that blog, Milana. Just gonna exit out now and uh go get some Starbucks or something.” I understand that starting a blog with this can seem a little eeeeek but PLEASE hang with me!


Think of a time when your life seemed in the dumps. Ya know. The type when you just want to lay on your couch watching ‘Friends’ all day eating ice cream straight from the container? Yeah. I’ve been there. A lot. Not ashamed. Anyways, sometimes we just have to go there. We have times that seem depressing and we are utterly confused and we don’t have what we want. Maybe it’s a job, a relationship, some money. We might even say, “Hey, Jesus. What the hecka are you putting me through?!” It’s one of those tough spots where sometimes hope seems as big as your pinky and your energy is just drained. Where did it go while you were eating ice cream?! Psh. I don’t know!


I sound like I haven’t been through those types of sorrows, but I have. We all do at some point.  Through anything you may have been through or are currently in, this is what I am slowly beginning to grasp (drum roll please): We must trust His plan. OoOoOoOosSsShH. It sounds so easy yet is oh so hard. I’m actually giving myself a personal pep talk as I write this! There are times when I literally just want to choose my own path and fill up my life with the things that I think will make it complete. Maybe make my life plan look like everyone else’s. But every time I try this, I find myself feeling more empty than before. So why do we constantly fear and doubt God’s plan? Are we afraid of what the outcome will be? Are you sick and tired of this trusting game? Maybe even sick and tired of me asking all these questions about being sick and tired? (yeahh me too).

This pic has nothing to do with the topic, but I will say my smile is 100% fake cause I was afraid of losing my life to a moving vehicle…


But that is what I am realizing though. God is still incredibly present during our times of hardship and sadness. You are not alone through your valleys. And when the right opportunities come along, God graciously plants them in your hands. I’m still learning this. It’s like, as Christians, we have to grow closer to God to know when He is speaking to us and sometimes we forget that.  I think that sometimes we are so worried about what we don’t have that we forget to be thankful for what we do. Use this time in your lows to better yourself and grow with the Lord. Maybe get a donut with the person you usually wouldn’t. Try something new. Love yourself more. But out of all these things, turn to Jesus. He knows your heart. Listen to His words.


It is time for us to stop filling our lives with these little voids and realize that God literally has us in His hands. We aren’t going anywhere! Let’s pray more and be fearless more because it is SO worth it. So here is just a little message from me to you:)


xoxo Milana